"With a strong passion for engineering, we are committed to delivering the best solutions, projects and products."

"We see structural design as a craft where a mix of experience, exploration and technology leads to true innovation."

"Our drive to see your projects realized, built well and on budget translates to ownership of our designs and product."


Proactive and Responsive Structural Engineers Willing to Explore and Challenge

As designers, we strive to be involved from the beginning of every project. Through close collaboration with the architect, client and other team members, we develop bespoke solutions that best match the project goals.

We look to find opportunities with structure that both react to and enhance the architecture rather than limit it, and we do not hesitate to test our solutions in order to maximize efficiency and constructibility.

Proven Ability to Design Complex Projects in Varied Sectors, at all Scales

The team of engineers at WPe has worked on a wide variety of project types including: commercial, residential, mixed used, athletics, transportation and cultural.

Our diverse experience ensures a strong understanding of unique drivers and programmatic challenges, allowing us to effectively work on a wide variety of projects.  

WPe respect the multidisciplinary nature of any project and look to coordinate closely with other team members to minimize clashes and find synergy.

Both Principals are LEED Accredited Professionals.  

A Focus on Combining Experience with Modern Computational Skills

We actively explore multiple concepts to determine structural solutions that reflect the unique characteristics and desired performance of your project, leading to unique designs that deliver optimal value. The use of modern computational technology is a critical component in delivering effective results. 

WPe believe that the true value of technology as an engineering design tool is best realized when it is utilized and understood by experienced engineers. By incorporating this throughout the overall structural design process and frequently referencing best construction practices and material constraints, we produce exciting, focused and innovative solutions. 

Our engineers have considerable experience rationalizing and framing complex geometries using tools such as McNeel's Rhinoceros (Rhino) and its plug-in, Grasshopper. We work closely with designers to share models and routines and integrate these models with our analyses to offer timely responses to design changes and studies.

Revit Used as Standard Along with Providing Timely and Relevant Information

All of WPe's projects are documented in Revit in order to enhance coordination with the architect and other design consultants. We believe in a proactive approach and use periodic BIM exchanges to monitor and facilitate the progression of the project. Documentation can also be delivered in standard 2D AutoCAD format at the client's request.

We provide accurate and pertinent information appropriate to the level of design at each stage. While this usually consists of the drawing set, we include narratives, matrices and conceptual models when it is critical for decision-making.  We believe that open communication and high-quality deliverables are critical to the success of each project.